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Hi, I'm Christian Van Camp, your holistic guide

Christian is a Holistic Lifestyle Coach, bioharmonizing hippy, and adenturous goofball helping humans build an empowered daily routine to take their performance, energy, fitness, nutrition, and anti-aging to the next level. Christian wakes everyday doing what he loves: journaling, eating raw life force foods, Qi Gong, breathwork, hanging with community, client check-ins, and soaking up sun, absorbing all of what nature has to offer.

What's my story?

My name is Christian Rudolph Van Camp (yes, my middle name is a red-nosed reindeer... go ahead, make fun of me) and I was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. I grew up as a slightly uncoordinated dork who loved making people laugh, even if it was laughing at me (not with me) for doing something obscene, like eating an Oreo with ketchup at lunch, or hurting myself doing some Jackass-esque flip on the trampoline.

My mission statement is:
"To love Nature and to energize and empower people to live a more healthy, happy, adventurous, and sustainable life."

We are the true controllers of our legacy. No one else is. If we begin to accept that "problems" have solutions, and cease the blaming of the outside, external world for our internally-harvested problems, life will begin to throw us far less curve balls. We will begin to see, smell and taste every experience as fruitful. Hence why I designed the CVC Wellness InnerFit Program (both one-on-one AND group coaching!)

I began diving into the world of total human optimization after high school when my little sister Nena nearly died from severe health complications. She was born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, a birth condition that affects normal blood flow through the heart. As Nena developed during pregnancy, the left ventricle of her heart partially formed, leaving her with poor oxygenation throughout her entire holistic vessel. She was also born without a spleen, a powerful immune protective organ.

Nena had multiple procedures and surgeries a year, in and out of the hospital. She never had the opportunity to grow up moving with friends, be active, or travel without overwhelming weakness and fatigue. Her heart quickly began to fail Christmas Day of 2013.

For three long, grueling months my family, parents, siblings and I were worried sick and beyond stressed.

Until March 13th, 2014 God sent down life and peace of mind for 14-year-old Nena.

She received a new heart, a new life. If it weren't for modern Western medicine, she would not be walking today, creating beautiful, organic art, embroidery and jewelry, and spreading positive-shining light to everyone she meets and greets.

Her powerful life's story is my catalyst to spreading natural, whole-body health, fitness and wellness.

"If Nena is limited by her physical state, why should I pile-up excuses?"

After high school competitive sports like track & field and soccer, I opened my eyes to weight-lifting and bodybuilding as a powerful avenue to see what my body was made of. While in community college rigorously studying my passion classes like anatomy, physiology, biochemistry and microbiology, I signed a YMCA gym membership with no clue on where to begin. I explored. I got creative. I didn't make excuses. Everyday I took advantage of the 180 degree post-workout sauna, cold therapy, listened to countless hours of podcasts and books from names like Ben Greenfield, Paul Chek, and Dave Asprey, and was mentored by some of the most profound holistic health and fitness leaders on the planet.

I got sucked into a deep wormhole of wellness.

I invested in my health every chance I could get, from organic foods, to supplements, to programs, to workout equipment... I wanted to see what my body, mind and spirit was capable of.

CVCWELLNESS LLC is a spunky holistic lifestyle and performance company dedicated to help humans achieve their healthiest physique, boost energy and hold onto stress-free balance. I studied kinesiology, grasped my BSs in Human Nutrition, and I am a practioner in the CHEK Institute. Everyday I wake up excited to dive deep into the vast realm of natural optimization. My vision is to create equitable systems for all so we humans can live with clean air, water, food and soil and be more in-touch with nature.​

That is my mission with CVC Wellness. To hold holistic harmony utilizing Mother Earth's finest ingredients: Organic Movement, Nutrition, and Nature. If we expect a man-made pill to fix our symptoms and signs, we will only call in more shadows. Instead, we must listen to those ‘signs' and dig deep to discover the root cause of why it's there in the first place.

Integrating Eastern medicine with modern science will help men and women build their ideal, optimized body, mind and spirit.

A healthy outside, starts from the inside.

My experience in numbers

Christian created CVC Wellness to serve as a useful source for those seeking inspiration, self help or science-backed holistic health and wellness advice. These nourishing notions didn't sprout all by himself; they manifested from genuine individuals he's connected with throughout his existence on planet earth.

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