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How are your holistic health coaching programs structured?

There are 6 Pillers in the CVC Wellness InnerFit Lifestyle Program: 1) Mindset & Purpose, 2) Nutrition & Gut, 3) Schedule, Sleep & Stress, 4) Fitness & Movemement, 5) Nature & Sustainability and 6) Connection & Communication. If you are an individual who is committed to attaining your ideal, optimized body by following the world's most nutritious and delicious diet, committing to a fun, muscle-building fitness routine, and harvesting holistic habits that will last a lifetime, the CVC Wellness Method will help you get there. You will be supported with your own custom app for fitness, nutrition and habit tracking, 1-1 coaching, daily check-ins, meal plans, recipes, journal entries, and so much more. The structure has been tried and tested, and will get you lasting results within 4 months (*depending on your current health state).

Meshing ancient wisdom with modern science, Christian will help you experience a sharper, happier mind, a lean-machine physique, and superb digestive fire that will carry onward for a lifetime!

What is the typical background of your clients?

Client demographics very immensely, however Christian primarily specializes in working with men and women who are A) Wanting to pack on lean muscle and burn that stubborn belly fat B) Harness an intuitive eating pattern with yummy, healthy foods and C) Wanting to dial-in their holistic habits and schedule. Christian has worked with a wide spectrum of individuals and no matter your background, Christian will work with you with a custom-tailored approach that will get you long-lasting results.

What is the cost of the CVC Wellness InnerFit Program?

The cost of the CVC Wellness InnerFit Program depends on the extent of your personal goals as well as your background and current level of fitness. Since health coaching is an ongoing relationship, not a one-time service, Christian offers 3 month+ programs that feature cost reductions the larger the coaching package you purchase.

Do you offer in-person or just virtual coaching?

Christian offers in-person coaching in Fayetteville, Arkansas which includes a hybrid format incorporating both virtual and face-to-face fitness, nutrition and holistic-healing modalities.

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