When you look in the mirror, do you see a person who exudes confidence, strength, and vitality, driven by inner purpose...?

...earning admiration from friends and family, and turning heads as they pass by in public?

Or do you see someone who feels unnoticed and lacks life force energy...
Waking up exhausted and struggling to find motivation...
Feeling insecure about their body and appearance, pushing away potential connections...
And relying on unhealthy habits like excessive screen time for fleeting pleasure?

Take a moment to reflect honestly.

It won't take long to recognize where you stand.

If you want to step into your power…

It's time to shed the limitations of the past and take responsibility for your journey.

Many people fail to acknowledge that feeling low often stems from poor habits and neglecting self-care.

Because true transformation begins within…

And I get it...

It’s not always easy to maintain a naturally energized lifestyle in our modern, fast-paced world...

We are constantly bombarded by all of the latest technological advancements and innovations promising to make our lives “easier”.

Really, they’re only making us lazier, weaker and fatter

Now is the time to make vital changes in your body, mind and spirit in 90 days without sacrificing life's simple pleasures.

Many coaching programs lack one critical element that can make or break a client's success.

It isn’t some special exercise, supplement, or diet plan.

Or some kid of magic “mind hack” that will automatically improve your life.

It’s actually much simpler than all of that.

It’s about taking a step back, looking at the bigger picture, and addressing the specific needs of the individual.

I am here to help guide you to the real, raw truth; YOUR truth.

I help each client harvest an exciting and personalized nutrition, fitness, and habit optimization solution that helps foster balance, energy, and strength.

I won't just provide basic nutrition and fitness cookie-cutter advice like most 'health' coaches in the industry. We will optimize your gut health, focus, hormones and metabolism to build muscle, burn fat and boost productivity and life force energy naturally.

Harness resilience with the six InnerFit Pillars:

I. Mindset & Purpose

II. Nutrition & Gut

III. Schedule, Sleep & Stress

IV. Fitness & Movement

V. Nature & Sustainability

VI. Connection & Communication

Meet Christian Van Camp, Your Lifestyle Optimization Coach

I started out as a skinny, weak and distracted kid in the suburbs of St. Louis - and I was addicted to fast food, porn, scrolling & partying.  

Time travel to my first year in community college, fresh out of high school, and I turned myself into a bioharmonizing hippy with hours of heart-and-soul dedication to ancestral wisdom and modern science, studying the vast array of anatomy and physiology, biology, medical nutrition therapy, kinesiology, and so much more.

I was ferociously focused. I dialed in my sleep schedule, trained hard consistently, experimented with an endless array of nutritional supplements, played around with diets such as keto, Paleo, animal- and plant-based...

I was proud of the fact that I built and effortlessly maintained my healthiest and most attractive physique.

I was ripped all-year round with limitless energy - and without joint pain, counting calories, restricting food choices, obessing about macros, or spending more than 5 hours per week in the gym.

So 4 years ago, I pursued a path that I felt would really increase people's inner health, fitness and happiness.  

The InnerFit Program is your answer.

About Me

My purpose is to energize and empower people to live a more adventurous, sustainable, healthy,  and happy life. I thrive traveling the world doing what I love, exploring cultures, cuisines and creative humans' minds via content development (@cvcwellness on all platforms), retreats and deep philosophical discussions.

Education & Background

I achieved my BSs in Human Nutrition from the University of Arkansas at the top of my class (Dean's List) and rigorously studied holistic principles, modalities, and methods in the CHEK Institute. Since I was 17 years old, I devoted my free-time studying the micro and macrocosm of natural anti-inflammatories, gut-health, biohacking and exercise performance which eventually inspired me into constructing the InnerFit Lifestyle Optimization Program.

The InnerFit Program combines the modern research and bio-harmonizers of the west with the time-tested primal ways of our ancestors to create the ultimate blueprint for success, holistically.

Let's go on this health hike!

Book a free clarity call with me to get started. There well talk about your challenges, goals and visions and see if this program is a good fit for you.


what's included:
1-on-1 Tailored-to-YOU Coaching: NO cookie cutter programs or templates, 1-on-1 means 1-on-1!
Nutritional Support & Education: Eat your favorite foods with your custom 'Meal Performance Plan' and tailored supplementation strategy, macro ratios, & more!
Weekly Clarity Calls: Create and execute a weekly battleplan to ensure that your efforts bring the greatest returns
Holistic Habit Strategies & Scheduling: Build discipline and habits that you can rely on when motivation is low
The InnerFit App Modules: Access on desktop or mobile your muscle-building workout program, nutrition & holistic habit scheduling, PDFs, videos and more
Exclusive Discounts to the Vital Camp Community: Grow with a tribe of Growth-Oriented Warriors in the Holistic Network, Vital Camp!
CVC Wellness Recipe Packs: Simple, Delicious Recipes including Low-Carb, High-Protein, & 5-Ingredient, and more!
24/7 Communication: Expert support and guidance, every single day!
I will:
Provide authentic accountability to help you stay on track & motivated to evolve!
Create custom systems & tracking tailored to YOUR needs!
Track progress & celebrate victories with YOU!
Help YOU find exercises & movements YOU feel like doing!
Help YOU stick to an enjoyable, nutritious diet!
Be prepared to answer any questions!
Provide expert guidance & support!
Customize the plan around YOUR lifestyle!
Teach YOU new things—but I also want to learn a lot from YOU!
You will:
Build strong & lean muscle
Upgrade gut health & digestion
Flame off fat & boost metabolism
Harvest health-oriented habits
Boost brain function, clarity & mood
Notice clearer & tighter skin
Tap into YOUR soul purpose & lifestyle goals
Reinforce genuine relationships with family & friends

Get Your Free Consultation!

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