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Andreas Seed Oils: Longevity, Energy, Good Vibes

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Kava Oil, Milk Thistle, Black Cumin, Fennel, Chia, Hemp... all extracted with a speical method without chemicals that preserves nutrients in its totality, therefore making these oils extremely potent. I feel more vibrance overall and I notice a crystallized clarity and zest for life after enjoying each unique oil.

- 100% organic oils, no BS (3rd party testing)
- Cold pressed under 90 degrees: molecular structures retained (most are over 200 degrees killing off the vitality!)
- Potent for 2 years minimum with NO REFRIDGERATION
- No oxidation, no preservatives, additives, NOTHING ADDED: JUST PURITY!
- No mechanical grinding: uses a pressure system to preserve nutrients (4 US Patents) + highest quality carbon steel (no traces of metal)
- Miron glass bottles (photobiotonic glass): hold the vibration and energy of substance in the bottles!

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