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The Origin Story of CytoDetox You Need to Know

CytoDetox differentiates itself from all other zeolites and cell detoxification support products.

CytoDetox is derived from a special type (1 of 40) of zeolites called clinoptilolite [2,3].

From a ‘birds-eye’ perspective, this natural mineral, clinoptilolite, formed millions of years ago from a chemical reaction between volcanic ash and saline water. It can take up to 50,000 years to complete this reaction [4]. Once complete, a unique three-dimensional cage like configuration is created, similar to a honeycomb, which has a natural negative charge. This natural structure acts like a sieve for toxins in the environment [5,6,7].

The clinoptilolite crystal structure is built from Aluminum, Silica and Oxygen creating a very stable and resistant molecule that can attract, exchange, and retain heavy metals and other positively charged toxic molecules.

Commercially, the zeolite structure functions as an effective tool for cationic exchange and absorption of heavy metals such as Uranium, Lead, and Mercury. They have a long history of use in many water filtration systems available both commercially and publicly. In fact, for human use, the FDA considers zeolites to be GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) as a food additive [8].

The challenges with zeolite crystals is two-fold:

1. They naturally contain high levels of heavy metals making it difficult to use higher and more effective quantities in formulas.

2. They are large insoluble cage molecules that would not cross the intestinal barriers or membranes,

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