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Dr. Cowan's Garden: Organic Holistic Oils, Meat, Powders and More!

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Dr. Cowan is a well-known alternative medicine doctor, author and speaker, with a common-sense, holistic approach to health and wellness. Over the last three decades helping people heal through diet and natural medicines, Dr. Cowan has witnessed firsthand the healing power of a diet rich in vegetable diversity, nourishing fats and wholesome grains and legumes. On top of these plant foods, animal-based regenerative farming adds for quite the healthy growth for the planet and the people.

I dig these products because I know the resourcing, the background processing, and most of all, I feel powerful after enjoying them!!

Try it out for yourself! Explore the endless options (I especially love the Beet Powder and the Low-Oxalate Greens with Kale, Mustard Leaves and Collard Greens, that's it!)

Use code CVCWELLNESS at checkout for 20% off your bomb snacks, supplements, and medicines!

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