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Equip Foods: Gut-Healthy Protein, Colostrum & Collagen!

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Most supplements are not as good for you as they say...

They pack their products with chemicals and fillers, claiming that they're healthy. They are not. Want to know what's healthy? Real, whole foods like grass-fed beef, sweet potatoes and peas - foods you'd find in a market. All of the Equip blends are made with real foods, foods you know and can pronounce:


Almost DAILY I enjoy the delicious and satiating Prime Protein (100% beef isolate = bioavailable protein), Grass-Fed Collagen (great for hair, skin, nails, gut wall and connective tissue), Clean Carbs (for a pre-workout muscle boost), and for an added immune- and gut-upgrade, I will sauce in the Core Colostrum.

If you don't know where to start, GET ALL OF THEM (haha!)

OR simply start with a sustainable bag of the longevity and energy-enhancing Prime Protein (much more affordable long-term with subscribe and save monthly!)

Use special discount code CVCWELLNESS at checkout for 15% off!

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