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Meraki Methylene Blue + Face Cream: Focus & Energy Enhancing

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If you want to signficantly notice a clearer brain, and the ability to “see” and understand complex details at a quicker pace, launch your brain into “Limitless Mode” with Meraki precision-dosed (smurf) methylene blue nootropic.

When I pop these pharmaceutical grade supplements, it’s like a light in my brain has been turned on! It’s also fun to share the “blueness” to the tongue (smurf mode).

Smurfs, including myself, report these benefits:
- Focus
- Memory
- Productivity
- Clarity
- Flow
- Verbal Fluidity
- Athletic Performance (especially the mental game)
- Deeper Meditations

Responsible for the color of your tongue, Methylene Blue donates an electron at the electron transport chain in the mitochondria, the batteries in our cells, and improves energy (ATP) production.

The best part is there are no withdrawals or jitters!

How long will "limitless mode" last?
- Blueness ramps up in 15 to 30 minutes and lasts 3 to 4 hours.

The Moo face cream is INCREDIBLE for healing scars and promoting bright vitality (I use it every morning and night).


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