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Purity Coffee: Organic, Lab-Tested, Antioxidant-Rich

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Whenever Purity compares their coffee to competitors, they come out on top...

"We regularly study the antioxidant levels of our coffees. We have also begun to actively study how our coffee will improve over time at the farm level, both on our farm and with our trusted farming partners in other countries. We record and analyze nutrients and other beneficial compounds in our coffees in relation to growing conditions/environments and cultivars. We look forward to sharing results with everyone in the coming months!"


Antioxidants are a natural defense mechanism against free radicals that can cause damage to genes, accelerating the aging process and actually leading to cancer and other diseases. The good news is…coffee is the richest source of antioxidants in the American diet! The even better news is that Purity Coffee contains more antioxidants than other leading brands, and the most antioxidants of any organic coffee!

My Favorite is the FLOW Original Medium Roast Whole Bean Coffee!

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