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Be Human & Groove! The Top 10 Movements Everyone Should Be Doing

There are times when it's okay not to move: driving, working, sleeping. Other than that, you, me & we are designed to groove! But not just in one direction, in all layers of space & time. Challenge your energy, time, & grit—become a FUNctional sapien with these fluid flows (videos included!)

Spinal Waves

Spinal waves are incredible at realigning the spine and getting all of your invertebrates to work in sync like dominos falling on one another, one by one. We all know how critical spinal health is, it's the backbone, the roots and core of our oneness. It is the base of how EVERYTHING in our bodies connect, so get this lubricated and limber.

Pistol Squat

Pistol squats are one of my favorite leg exercises because it challenges all forms of movement: strength, power, stability, mobility, flexibility and balance. If one of these is off, you will not feel as synced up. SHOOT IT UP!

Jefferson Curls

Jeff curls are freaking wild when it comes to spinal health and are very similar to spinal waves by how they work on aligning up the vertebrate and getting them to sync up. However, Jefferson curls require way more safe intention and slow progression because you can add load after getting the movement down first. Slow and steady ALWAYS wins

Pike Pulses

Pike pulses are wild because I am not that good at them and can vouch for the intensity of this strengthening movement. It primarily challenges the hip flexors, core, legs and more. I think it's a powerful corrective exercise for connecting the dots to the muscles throughout the body. Gtg, I have to work on them now... but first, let me grab the cocktail sauce…

Shrimp Squat

Shrimp squats are even more difficult than pistols in my opinion, therefore this is also at the top of my movin and groovin totem pole. These require a unique balance and mobility spectrum, so don’t get hard on yourself if you can’t do advanced like I do in this video right away. The key is progression, so do some research on that before you act like a little shrimp.

Cossack Squat

Cossacks are fantastical at working the lateral force and opening the hips up. Too many times we walk forward, run forward, and only move in the frontal plane. We are 360 degree creatures and need to take advantage of what God gave us… side to side power.

Shoulder Extension

Shoulder extension opens up the shoulder girdle, the most mobile joint in the body. This ball-and-socket joint is the key to maintaining peak posture and performance. Everyone messes this joint up, so lets be preventative and work it right with this movement. Grab a dowel rod and pull over head around shoulder width apart (or however close) to your back. Or you can walk your hands to your butt with feet planted on the ground.

Pull-Up (All Variations)

Pull ups are the best way to maintain strength in the posterior, have a compelling posture and to monkey around efficiently. Every human should be able to perform at least 10 reps, but as you can tell we lost touch with our primal ape ancestors. Pull-up to the party in a slick ride.

Thoracic Bridge

Thoracic bridges work the spine in many ways, but also the shoulder, hips and legs… so yeah, basically the whole dang body. You’ll start off with feet planted like you are about to perform a glute bridge, and instead you'll have arms over you and drive the hips up extending the back, back. Super challenging but great movement to flex to your girlfriend.

Ring Dips (Rings Turn Out) or Standard

Ring dips are last but not least. Dips in general should be mastered by everyone because it is such an empowering movement to be able to use your shoulders with full extension back, and drive with triceps and traps and core to get upward. With the rings its even more challenging, but easily attainable. You got it, gymnast!


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